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With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
source for the highest quality and Line Marking service.

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Richard’s experience in sporting club management found that:

  • Line marking was a difficult role to fill and one that needed a dedicated person or people who are readily available and able to complete the task accurately, effectively, and on time
  • Increasing demands of governing sports bodies and perceptions regarding the value of paid membership and associated expectations need to be met by sporting clubs
  • The use of allocated ground space needed an efficient and economical solution to reduce the costs associated with ground management;
  • The use of some methods for marking grounds are contrary to personal safety and health of end users and the ground’s presentation and surface quality.


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    Why Choose Us?

    No consumable purchase, storage or waste
    Mark My Turf removes the need to keep stock and reduce the amount of work associated with ordering. You will also eliminate waste, and gain much needed storage space.
    Better use of your people
    Mark My Turf eliminates the delegating of line marking to unqualified, inexperienced or time poor people in your organisation. You will receive a professional finish to all your line marking requirements in a timely manner. This means your people will be able to concentrate on their core functions and volunteer fatigue will be reduced.
    Environmentally friendly product
    Mark My Turf uses water-based products developed under ISO9001 certified process. This means no residual chemical effect on the turf resulting in permanent marking or damage to the playing surface. Your turf or grass surface will retain its quality and presentation.
    Efficiency and timeliness of work
    Mark My Turf provides efficiency and timeliness of work meaning the need to prohibit access to areas being prepared or painted is reduced. Mark My Turf ensures you optimise your venue’s availability.
    Sport field preservation
    Mark My Turf can help to manage the standard of you sports field by providing reorientation of your playing arena. Therefore allowing high traffic areas like goals squares time to recover from the rigorous impact of training and game day activities.
    Turf line marking accuracy
    Mark My Turf systems will ensure your sports grounds will be marked consistently in the same location.
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    Take back your free time by having us take care of your garden

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    With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
    source for the highest quality and landscaping service.